What do I do to come and live at Village at the Park?

All residents in the care facilities require an assessment by Capital Support – our local Needs Assessment & Service Coordination (NASC) agency.

Your Doctor may refer you to Capital Support but you or your family can also refer directly to them.

When you have been assessed as requiring ongoing care and assistance within a residential care facility, Village at the Park is able to meet your needs at all levels ie. resthome, hospital, specialised dementia care.

If your assessment does not meet the requirements of residential care you may like to look at our serviced apartments. Here we can also offer assisted living.



Assessment Process

Will I qualify for a subsidy?

After your NASC assessment is completed, you will be required to complete your asset level assessment with WINZ to determine if you are eligible to receive a subsidy.

It is important to complete this process promptly as the Ministry of Health will only backdate a subsidy for 90 days. The full cost of care is your responsibility up to the granting of the subsidy.

Asset threshold

Each year on 1 July the threshold increases and this is set by Government. The asset threshold is the dollar value of assets that you are able to retain.

If you are entitled to receive a subsidy you will contribute a portion of your benefit to the cost of care. If your assets are above the threshold, you will need to pay privately for your care.

If all the assets are tied up in a house, then a Residential Care Loan can be obtained through WINZ.

If you are single, aged 50 to 64 and have no dependants, you will not have a means assessment of assets but you will have a means assessment of income.

If for a couple one person continues to live in the house while the other moves into care, the house and car are excluded from the asset test.

Our facility has a mix of standard and premium rooms therefore you may also pay a private contribution even if you receive a full subsidy.


Financial assistance - residential care

This subject is complex. Individual circumstances vary widely, as do eligibility criteria. The information provided here is therefore only a brief overview. Please ensure that you obtain full details from Work and Income.

Helpful brochures/booklets are published by the Ministry of Health and Work and Income. They can be collected at regional offices or your Capital Support.

Work and Income Residential Care Subsidy freephone is 0800 999 727.

Auckland based Residential Care Line also has a freephone service that has been set up to answer questions 0800 725 463.


On admission

When you move in you are encouraged to bring any personal items you wish – photos, pictures and other belongings that can personalise your room. Large amounts of cash, expensive jewellery and treasured family items should remain with a relative or friend, for safe keeping.

To ensure the best possible care for you, we will always ask questions when you are admitted to help us learn what is the best for you in your day. It is important that we work together with you to make the transition comfortable and stress-free.

The Registered Nurse will talk with you and immediately write a care plan of your specific needs and preferences and this is reviewed at regular intervals throughout your stay. You may wish your nominated family member (Enduring Power of Attorney) to help with this too.


Respite care & carer support

Village at the Park offers respite care in all care centres of our facility when a bed is available.